If you are having difficulty with something then please email us, or if it is in normal office hours, please call. However here are some answers to some questions we are frequently asked:



What if I design something that when I receive it, I realise is just wrong?

I do everything I can to ensure that you cannot do that.  Every style is carefully thought out, so that it looks fantastic. If you want something different, great go for it, but if you follow my style suggestions, you will get a truly superb garment.



What if the clothing does not fit?

If you have taken the measurements correctly, then it will.  In the unlikely even you have misunderstood the instructions, then I consider myself to blame. I will make sure your clothing fits.



How long will it take me to measure myself?

All you need is a tape measure, a jacket that feels about right, and a pair of trousers that feel about right. (And a friend if you can persuade one!).  Oh, and about 10 minutes. I base our sizing firstly on an "Off the peg" size, so I suggest standard dimensions to work from.  Its a good guide, but everyone is different. That why our clothing fits.



Do you do a catalogue? 

No, sorry, it is one of the ways I keep my  prices so low. If there is something on which you would like more information , or something you would like that you cannot find, please contact my team, on 01335 361287. Myself, Debbie, Sue or Theresa would be delighted to try and help.



What do you do with my personal information?

I do not sell, lend, rent or any other form of passing on your details. They are your personal details, and we  are a small private family company that sells Mens wear, not a media company that sells information. So, please feel secure, I treat your information with the same care and respect that I treat my own.