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Kedleston Jumbo Corduroy Waistcoat

A stunning waistcoat, made from a 8 wale per inch corduroy in a variety of colours.



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Things you'll need for measuring up:

  1. 1. A Tape Measure.
  2. 2. 10 minutes of your time.

You may also find it useful to have:

  1. 3. A jacket with arms that are the right length.
  2. 4. Trousers with legs the right length, that fit
    nicely around the waist.

What you need to know

I have created this waistcoat to match the Kinloch Jacket, Eynon Trousers or the Findhorn Suit. It is comfortable and looks great when worn over a smart shirt. It is available in a variety of colours and is perfect for any occasion, from smart to casual. It will also look fantastic pair with a pair of plain trousers, if you only want a little corduroy in your outfit.

This waistcoat is made from a larger wale cord with 8 wales per inch. This is less than the average standard corduroy and makes it a heavier weight; however it is just as supple and comfortable to wear as the finer ones.

Style Features

I have designed this waistcoat in a casual style with a 4 button front, with 2 front hip pockets and a lining back with a back adjuster.
You can alter many of the features above in the personalisation section.

I have a variety of lining colours to choose from, however I have already chosen a lining that I believe compliments the colour of the waistcoat you have chosen. You can choose your own from the alternatives in the personalisation stage, you can also change the lining back to a material back if you prefer.

Suit Build Quality

I put little extra details onto my garments to ensure they are of the best quality. For example, I put a D stitch on the corners of all my pockets to reinforce and strengthen them, this makes sure that they will not split or tear when being used. This is something that I believe should be on all waistcoats, jackets and suits however it is time consuming and therefore an extra cost to the manufacturer and tailor.


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