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Gladstone Masonic Lodge Suit

Masonic Lodge Suit made in British Fabrics, 2 Button, available with Striped Trousers


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Things you'll need for measuring up:

  1. 1. A Tape Measure.
  2. 2. 10 minutes of your time.

You may also find it useful to have:

  1. 3. A jacket with arms that are the right length.
  2. 4. Trousers with legs the right length, that fit
    nicely around the waist.

What you need to know

The Masonic Suit is traditionally a Black 2 button jacket with smart black trousers or grey and black striped trousers. It is a suit that has a classic style and is worn for formal occasions.

My Masonic Lodge Suit is a black Jacket with black and grey striped trousers, following the classic tradition.
Both the Jacket and Trousers are made from 100% British Wool from Yorkshire; we also construct them with a floating canvas to give the suit the extra edge. If you are using the best materials you want the best construction.

Style Features

Following traditional I have made this suit jacket with a 2 button front, the classic notch lapels and breast pocket. I have also put twin vents in to allow for east access to trouser pockets.
The trousers are the traditional stripe. They have plain fronts and straight legs; I had added extras, such as waist adjusters and brace buttons to allow for comfort and exact fit.
Many of the above items can be changed, and there are many more items that can be added or taken away. All of these options are available to see in the personalisation section.

There are many lining and piping colours to choose from, however I have already chosen a colour that I believe compliments the colour of the suit you have chosen. Please have a look at my choices and the other options available in the personalisation.

There are certain aspects of the suit that I believe characterise the suit, and therefore there is no option to alter these. Please see these below.

For this suit a floating canvas adds to the look and wearability of the suit. It is normally only found in Bespoke Suits at top market price.

Suit Build Quality

I add extra details to my suits to make sure that they are the best quality. I believe all suits should have these extras, but they are time consuming and therefore expensive to the manufacturer, so much so that they are regularly missed off in the production.
I have added a D stitch to the corner of the pockets; this is perfect for added strength.
I have also put an extra strong bar tack in the crotch of the trousers, this means that my trousers will never split in that area.

A bit about the fabric

The British material I am using is a 2 core yarn that is 2 fold in the weft and the warp. This means that the fabric will always return to its original shape and will not warp or sag. It will also not twist when it is hanging. (Most materials are only 2 fold in one direction.)
Wool is a material that naturally repels water away from your body, making it the ideal fabric for a Summer suit.  It is also tightly woven which means the wind cannot pass through making it a fantastic suit for the colder weather.


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