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Craig Single Breasted Dinner Suit

Craig inspired by Daniel Craig....Classic one two or three button Dinner Jacket, perfect for those smart occasions. Made in British Fabrics.


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Things you'll need for measuring up:

  1. 1. A Tape Measure.
  2. 2. 10 minutes of your time.

You may also find it useful to have:

  1. 3. A jacket with arms that are the right length.
  2. 4. Trousers with legs the right length, that fit
    nicely around the waist.

What you need to know

This suit is made using Yorkshire Wool. Its unique structure will keep you warm in Winter and Cool in Summer. It is a light material that is soft to touch, durable for everyday wear and is also very smart.

My Dinner Suits are perfect for those special occasions. I have added all of the features that you can expect from a traditional Dinner Suit. It also has the style and look to make you feel fantastic.

Style Features

When I was designing this suit, I asked myself. What would a man like James Bond wear?

I have made this suit to the traditional style with a 2 button jacket, satin notch lapels and satin covered front buttons, with no vent at the back. I have also put flap pockets on in a classic style; but these can be tucked in to create jetted pockets.
I have made the trousers plain fronted with standard hip pockets, and satin piping down the outside of each leg. I have also added waist adjusters and brace buttons.
Many of these features can be altered in the personalisation stage if you wish.

I have chosen a lining and a piping that I feel suits the colour of the suit you have chosen, however you can add a personal touch to your suit by choosing your own in the personalisation stage.
My own choice and all the other alternatives are available to view in the personalisation stage.

There are features of this suit that I believe should not be changed and therefore there will be no way to alter these. Please see these below.

  • I have made this suit with a floating canvas. Not only does this add to the fit of the suit but it also makes the suit smarter and adds to the look.

Suit Build Quality

The extra details I add to the suit are important in making sure that your suit is of the highest quality. Adding D stitches to the pockets and a bar tack to the crotch adds strength and ensures no split seams or ripped pockets.

A bit about the fabric

A little explanation about the fabric is needed. It is a British weave that involves a 2 core yarn, this means that the fabric will ‘bounce back’ to its original shape. It is a balanced fabric as it is 2 fold in the weft and the warp, and therefore it does not twist whilst it is hanging. (The cheaper fabric generally only use 2 fold in one direction) It is ideal for Summer as wool naturally wicks water away from your body, and it is perfect for Winter as its tight weave stops the wind blowing through.


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